Produce Certification Label Guide

Organic Farmer's Market

In a world full of environmental toxins in air, water and soil, labels on produce and products we buy can help to make informed choices about the health of the environment, your personal health and the health of the workers in the fields. 


We are what we eat. Our health and well-being heavily depend on the food choices we make. Conventionally grown produce often use synthetic inputs like chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and GMOs. We’re learning more and more about the related health issues (obesity, diabetes, cancer) that are linked to such practices. 


Other than posing a threat to human health, conventional agriculture also causes increased greenhouse gas emissions, soil erosion, and water pollution. 


Organic production however emphasizes on overall system health. It has a smaller carbon footprint, conserves and builds soil health, replenishes natural ecosystems for cleaner water and air, all without toxic pesticide residues.

The labels in this guide are trustworthy and carried out by an accredited certifying organization. By clicking on the actual label here you can find out what they mean and stand for.