The Top 17 Sustainable Swaps at Target

My sustainability journey has been a roller coaster at times, but from when I started in September 2019 to now, I am absolutely thrilled about the progress that brands have made by incorporating sustainability practices and shifting slowly but surely to a more circular economy. Target for example offers so many sustainably sourced and plastic-free solutions these days! From deodorant, to food storage, laundry detergent, dish and hand soaps, etc.

Their newest addition is a partnership with Grove Co. Grove makes products that are great for people and the planet and they are also a B Corp. Everything available at Grove meets a four-point standard: uncompromisingly healthy, beautifully effective, sustainably produced, and cruelty-free. Further they launched Beyond Plastic in 2020, which is a five year plan to help solve the single-use plastic problem. Grove is working diligently to remove plastic from every product they make and sell. Today they are 100% plastic neutral and by 2025 they’ll be plastic-free.

I soon as I heard the news I ran to Target and got myself refillable hand and dish soap. ;)

I also roamed the isles to take pictures of everything I could find that is a sustainable and clean solution so I can share them with you. :)

To make things easier Target even added "Clean" signs so you can spot those products much faster.

The Top 17 Sustainable Swaps

1. Grove Co. : Dish Soap, Hand Soap, Dishwasher Detergent.

2. Plastic-free Deodorant: Native & Raw Sugar.