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I really don’t care whether people believe climate change is real or not. I don’t need to convince anybody. The reality is the climate on planet is Earth is changing, whether you like it or not. I get on with it and look for solutions how to adapt and deal with the planetary changes ahead.

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The main reason why people deny climate change is because humans don’t like change of ANY kind, especially if it will affect their lives as profoundly as this. It throws them out of their comfort zone, hence the massive resistance. Most people do not want to see the status quo challenged. On a bigger level the power and money are slipping away from groups that held it for a long time, therefore they are pulling out all the stops to campaign against anything that challenges their position.

Do I believe global warming will cause human distinction? No, I don’t. Humans are marvels of adaptability. Our bodies, minds and souls are capable of incredible things. I know of the invincibility of the human spirit. Our biology definitely has to upgrade in order to handle it all. It’s not going to be easy or comfortable, but we will manage. I don’t worry about that. I was never one to panic. It doesn’t do anything. You only lose logic, reason, and creativity, it’s paralyzing. We live in times where we need to be PRAGMATIC, not panic.

Also, I trust the Earth. She knows what she is doing. The climate on this planet has changed many times during the billions of years in existence. I trust our solar system that is held together by laws that are still too complex and invisible to the naked eye for the current human mind to understand. I know nature and the cosmos move in cycles. We are entering a different climate cycle. I trust it.

Of course, humans are trying to figure out what causes our climate change. That’s how a linear mind works. But I also believe that we currently don’t fully understand the whole picture of the Earth’s climate cycle, which follows laws that exceed the human mind and our current planetary knowledge. We don’t know how long this planet will warm up and when it will cool down again. The latter is guaranteed if you know anything about cosmic laws. It can go fast or not. Nature doesn't work in linear ways.

The role of fossil fuels in it? It seems that way but having said the above, there is more to the picture. Our scientists are primarily niche specialists looking at complex planetary processes and therein lies the problem. It’s too narrow. You must look at the big picture and cross examine with a convergent approach with other fields of science.

When it comes to fossil fuels, I am surely not a fan but mostly because they are a health hazard and cause an incredible amount of damage. They are not sustainable. I wrote about that in my last blog entry. I strongly believe we need to move away from them, climate change or not. So yes, they are a huge problem we need to address, especially because fossil fuel companies also produce petrochemicals, meaning are plastic manufactures. In other words, the fossil industry is vastly responsible for plastic pollution and toxic waste from oil and gas wells in our air, soil, and water.

We have Greta, who I respect very much for bringing more awareness into this world, and now a new “Anti-Greta”, also a teenage girl, but from Germany, who also has been hired by our current administration to speak at certain events. I understand the concerns when it comes to climate change on both girl’s sides, but I think the last thing we need is another polarizing figure (the “Anti-Greta”). She has strong opinions on climate change as mentioned, as well as feminism and immigration policies that all sound too familiar like right wing topics. She is basically being used as an opposing figure to the Greta phenomenon to build a counter movement and to inspire and lure in younger generations.

Polarization is not the answer my friends. It’s crazy making. The pendulum just swings back and forth with no progress at all. Let’s get on with it and focus on solutions and not add more to the war.

I am sure most humans are not interested in a war, meaning polarizing states. Sadly, this is what this country (USA) and the world at large looks like more and more. We really must be careful about that! Even if people ultimately don’t want to be so polarized, they fall into that trap because the majority are followers, passive and don't want to take responsibility. If you don’t stay awake and present, it’s very easy to get pulled into this.

Unless people in their 60's and 70’s are evolved, healthy (mentally, emotionally) and wise human beings, they cannot lead the world out of conflict and into a new era or paradigm (referring to current world leaders). The same goes with teenagers. They might be “old” souls, but they lack life experience and mental maturity. So personally, none of these people are fit or competent enough to lead my world.

I call upon the “Bridge Generation” (my term), people born within the 1960-1990, with far more experience and wisdom to be more active and roll up their sleeves to help build this new world that is upon us with an unprecedented speed. In the end we all need to work together, no matter what your age obviously, but I feel it's time for more wise and mature people to step forward. I truly believe that’s what our planet needs.

As Buckminster Fuller said:

“You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

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