How To Live More Sustainably The Easy Way

This week I would like to share an article from The Guardian "50 Simple Ways To Make Your Life Greener".

Living more sustainably is less complicated than most people think. It doesn’t mean you have to live at the bare minimum. Since the creation of Ad Vitam, I have been surprised, shocked and amused how people have been responding. It’s actually more with men than with women that I encounter a puzzlement and often disinterest.

For example, there is this one business guy who comes to my coffee shop. He tried to catch my attention for some time but I have been ignoring it because I have noticed he likes to puff himself up a little bit. I respond to men who display more of a natural confidence rather than trying too hard. He has an investment and wealth management firm I overheard him say.

One day our eyes met, I smiled at him and he immediately took the chance to engage me into a conversation. The first thing he asked was what I do and I answered that I am building a sustainable lifestyle brand. It was almost like the color vanished from his face and he said something along those lines “meaning having less?”. I said “Not necessarily, it just means to consume differently”. He couldn’t run away fast enough. I wonder what was going on in his head. Probably a very unclear and misleading understanding what sustainability might be, and it didn’t fit into his “wealth” idea. He actually should know that “green investing” is huge right now. Also there are even green financial advice firms.

I had similar experiences with other people, either dismissing the topic all together or not taking it seriously. It was all very surprising to me, because given the world we live in, in my mind sustainability is a no brainer, but I am also a pragmatist. Then we are not all on the same page and have different world views. You have to learn to live with that.

The point I am trying to make here is sustainable living doesn’t require to become “poor”, super minimalistic or you have to go to extremes and become zero-waste or live off the grid on an organic farm in the middle of nowhere. Most people will not be able, nor are willing to do that. A big percentage of the population lives in cities, have busy jobs, families and little time. The last thing they need is a radical change in lifestyle.