Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day, April 22nd, is around the corner and all environmental circles have been talking, posting, gathering for this event all months. I even got emails from people like Tony Robbins and his foundation, who you wouldn't necessarily consider as an outspoken environmentalist, about donating and getting involved with to learn more about sustainable systems. As fantastic as all of this is, it's not nearly enough and just like Thanksgiving, for example, it takes more than one day or one month per year to be grateful, engaged, to love, care etc.

I was in a room on Clubhouse last Friday where eco brands host and connect to each other to support and network. One of the topics was algorithms that do not favor sustainability and environmental causes, in fact reject those issues because they are considered "political or social issues". I encountered this problem myself a few months back when I wanted to invest into Facebook ads to run on Instagram to promote Ad Vitam and my course "Live More Sustainably: How To Be A Conscious Consumer". My ads got rejected and flagged as "political or social issues", which was maddening because there is nothing political in environmental degradation and human health. It's all part of the "culture war" I guess.

The reason, it had to do with the election in the US to stop misinformation in 2020. Apparently extremists, conspiracy theory and dark money groups started to use the same keywords as the some of the biggest environmental movements (because they were working and had big momentum), which has now caused collateral damage for us. Many of those groups have been kicked off Facebook and other major social platforms and are funded and formed on other small private platforms, but for the rest of us who are dependent on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, it's a big problem.

That's the world we live in where truths and facts are so twisted and perverted into non-sensical BS lacking any measure of common sense. Needless to say we were frustrated in that room because many of us have encountered that and now trying to figure out which the inflammatory keywords are that trigger algorithms to reject such topics. Whether to use the words sustainability or not, or is it better to use eco-friendly etc... How are brands supposed to grow like that?

The other big question for all of us in the environmental arena is how do we get people to care about sustainability and to start consuming more consciously and away from mindless overconsumption of natural resources as if there is no tomorrow and producing astronomical amounts of waste? How do we make this more attractive and sexy?

I wrote about this now numerous times, but on my journey towards a sustainable lifestyle and conscious consumption I've understood that this is more about your health than anything else. An environmental problem is always a human health problem. Nothing demonstrates this as clear as the current pandemic we are in, or the up to a credit card’s worth of microplastics we might ingest weekly through food and water... You've probably guessed it, plastic is no good in your body and organs. No good.

What I also understand is that doom and gloom talk doesn't motivate people, which is also part of my criticism, o