22 Tips For A Sustainable Bathroom

Modern Bathroom

The bathroom can be a big eco crime scene, from the amount of water we waste, to all the virgin plastic packaging in our beauty products, to unsustainable tissue paper and poor waste disposal. 

I don't know about you, but I spend hours in the bathroom every week. I am really into body and skin care and I have a lot of that stuff. To think about that every toothbrush and every plastic cream jar I ever used still exists on this planet and will for another few hundred years is staggering. For that reason I really dug deep into finding more sustainable solutions and made quite a few changes so far. It's really not a big deal and complicated, so there are simply no excuses not to. 😉

Further I put together this list of 22 Tips For A Sustainable Bathroom for you with easy and affordable adjustments you can make and swaps for more environmentally sustainable products. Click here.

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