Image by Utsav Srestha


The slogan 'think globally, act locally' has never been more accurate when it comes to sustainability today. 

The climate and ecological crisis we are facing makes us global citizens as we are facing this crisis as a planetary one and it doesn’t matter in which country you live. There is nothing equivalent to it in human history other than major world wars that require the attention of the world you know. Like now is the time to do something. 

The message throughout Ad Vitam’s website and operation has been that one of the biggest challenges is to change people's mindsets and get them to think about this at the scale it demands and with the urgency it demands and move from philosophizing ,or worse denial, into action. As Christopher Flavelle of The New York Times says, “by exposing some of the specific failures of governments, businesses and citizens, we might do better.”

We can do it, it’s possible but we have to move fast. Below please find some of the latest in international and global news reporting on sustainability, environment and related science. Let it inspire you. We are updating this page on a regular basis.