[ahd wee-tahm] 

adverb Latin. to life.


Ad Vitam's mission is to create and inspire sustainability as a lifestyle and make it easily and widely accessible to people, homes and families from all walks of life. 

We are dedicated to help transform human-environment interactions (and related human-human interactions), especially consumption and production patterns and lifestyles, toward sustainability. We understand that a healthy planet is a necessary foundation for human physical, psychological, social, economic and emotional health and well-being.


We are faced with tremendous and escalating environmental changes and we must realize that our future doesn’t lie in status quo, business as usual, governmental forces or big corporations but with the people. In order to effect true change in society, it has to start with the individual. Big revolutions never happen from the outside in, but from the inside out. 


We are pragmatists. We believe that we are fully responsible for our personal lives and yet we are part of the Whole. Everything that each one of us does on a daily basis directly effects the environment around us, whether it is our relationships, work and living environments, and/or nature. Sustainability is not an option or a multiple choice but a necessity.


Human life depends on healthy and natural ecosystems. Human activities are causing increasing amounts of pollution, to the extent that this is now recognized as the biggest single risk to human health worldwide. 

Considering this mighty fact, we not only have to do something, we have to do everything we can. Ad Vitam is fully committed to that cause. We invite you to join us on this journey towards sustainable living. 


Ad Vitam was created after a long period of soul searching for purpose, meaning and how I could contribute to the world. We live in extraordinary times and are at a dawn of a new paradigm. I knew I wanted to be part of the group of people who are pushing it forward.


Looking at my life, I was always very driven to expand my consciousness for the next, futuristic thing, anything that is not status quo, on all levels, - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am a Warrior. I have a strong sense for justice and integrity. Further I always loved nature. I am in awe of this magnificent planet we live on. Environmental issues have been concerning me since childhood.


After seeing a very powerful image on social media about the Amazon Fires in September 2019, I had a defining moment and knew I had to do something.


Within a day Ad Vitam was born, a platform for how to live sustainably in an urban setting, how you and I can make a difference on a daily basis and build this new world in a more sustainable way. From here the research began and I am continuing to build this platform and resources with the intention to inspire you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. It's easy to do. I want you to feel empowered in these uncertain and shaky times. You have a voice, YOU matter, you can change and shape this world by the actions you take. We can do this!


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"Sustainable living isn’t just using less plastic, eating sustainably sourced organic food, composting, recycling and caring about the environment and climate change. Sustainable living, or a 'sustainable' state of mind, is life affirming in all its forms, - humans, animals, trees, plants, oceans, terrestrial ecosystems, our galaxy, the universe ...... It’s understanding the interconnectedness, interdependence and co-creation of all living things."

Nat, Founder