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adverb Latin - to Life

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We do our best to present the most up to date information on sustainability, sustainable living, environmentalism and related topics. 

Our goal is to convey solutions and make it simple to incorporate into our daily lives in an otherwise increasingly complex world. The sustainable lifestyle is easier than most people think. Just a few adjustments in what we buy and how much we use can make a big difference. 

A lot of people are doing great work and are inventing extraordinary things. We are thrilled to see how many solutions already exist. We need far more and luckily the human mind is incredibly creative. It will be exciting to see what is to come in the near future. 


The Ad Vitam spirit is highly optimistic but we all need to do our own part and contribute to the whole to make a true and lasting change in the way we think, live, consume and use the Earth’s resources. 


Thank you for trusting us with your time while you are here on our site!

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