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A healthy, toxin free life and planet are a complex undertaking. It can be overwhelming. It takes hours of research and reading lots of labels (who has the time or patience for that?).

Nobody wants to put toxic chemicals and who-knows-what-else on their skin or into their body, but the truth is there are lots of unregulated chemicals in beauty and cleaning products, food, fabrics, furniture...


The good news?

We're here to help you make healthier choices that also support the planet!

From blogs, product features, reviews, shopping guides, an eco-brand directory, sustainability at home, resources, a mini online store, we have it all.


Enjoy your exploration!

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“Between 60-80 percent of the impacts on the planet come from household

consumption. If we change our consumption habits, this would have a drastic effect on our environmental footprint as well.”  –  Diana Ivanova

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Sustainable living in the city is easier than most people think. We share insights, experiences, science and overall information on conscious consumption, sustainability, non toxic sustainable living tips and eco-friendly sustainable products. 


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